BestBeautyAdvice: HAIR

BestBeautyAdvice has put together a list of the best tips and advice needed to have beautiful healthy hair.

  • Eat for healthy hair. Omega-3 fatty acids (found in cold-water fish like salmon) and protein (think nuts and cheese) are great for your hair.
  • Certain hair colors are meant for certain skin types. Before dying your blonde locks black for example, use modern technology to see how you’ll look with that color. There are free websites that allow you to upload your picture and try on different hair styles and colors.
  • Keep your hair young by chemically processing as infrequently as possible, and avoiding anything that pulls on it, such as tight rollers, ponytails, weaves, and braids. Not only can they cause breakage, but they can destroy your roots permanently, rendering them unable to produce hair.
  • Use photos when getting your hair colored, even pictures of colors you do not want. The more a stylist knows about what you are looking for the better your chances are at loving your new do.
  • When you go to a new salon, treat it like a first date. Give the stylist the best impression of your personality as well as what you expect from him/her. Be specific as well as respectful of the stylists talent.
  • Save time in the shower by shampoo just your scalp: Apply a dime-size amount of shampoo to your scalp, quickly massage, then rinse. The water will pull the shampoo through the rest of your hair and remove any grime.
  • To hold on to hair color for longer, never rinse with very hot water. This may loosen pigment molecules from freshly colored hair.
  • Use products properly. For maximum benefits, massage shampoo and conditioner onto roots with your fingertips to stimulate blood flow to your roots.
  • Do not overwash. Shampooing every day is drying to your hair and scalp soaim for two to three times a week – and on off days, rinse with water and condition only your ends.
  • Do deep-condition. If you heat-style regularly you should deep-condition once a week and lf your hair is very damaged, try using a concentrated hair mask in place of your daily conditioner (from midshaft down).
  • To avoid fade, try not to shampoo for 72 hours after getting your hair colored and use only color-safe products.
  • If your hairline starts to look greasy, dip a big fluffy makeup brush into a pot of loose powder. Tap it then dust it over your roots. It mops up oil and blends into your strands, so no one will know you didn’t shower.
  • Spray a light shot of fragrance into your brush’s bristles. Run it through strands from roots to ends and your hair will smell amazing throughout the day.
  • The best type of brush bristles for your hair are natural (boar) bristles. They distribute your scalp’s oils, keeping your locks moisturized.
  • Most hairstylists recommend sleeping on a satin pillowcase to help keep your hair from getting matted, tangled, and frizzy. Cotton cases tend to have coarser texture, which can rough up your hair, especially if you’re tossing and turning all night.
  • Baby shampoo is gentle. This helps preserve hair color and treatments such as perms and straighteners.
  • Don’t add hair color to freshly washed hair. Natural oils help protect the scalp and make the hair shaft absorb color more efficiently. Skip washing your hair on the day of your salon appointment.
  • To prevent waves from drooping, curl sections of hair and twist them up, securing with clips. Let them set while you do your makeup for a long-lasting hold.
  • For an everlasting blowout, wear a shower cap but leave your bangs and other face-framing pieces out since they get greasier than the rest of your hair. Rinse and shampoo them, then blow-dry with a round brush.
  • For extra frizz protection do not wash your conditioner completely out. If you leave a small hint behind, the product will weigh hair down and guard it from humidity and frizz.
  • For the sleekest results on any type of hair, use a 1500- to 1800-watt hair dryer when styling; anything less powerful allows your cuticles to curl up while you’re blow-drying.
  • Get the perfect blow-out: Use your hands instead of a brush as you blow-dry, alternately going with the way hair grows and against it to maximize volume. Keep going until hair is mostly dry then use a brush for the remainder of the blowdry to style.
  • For the ultimate volume use a volumizing shampoo. Then, apply a bit of thickening mousse to give your style hold and height. Flip your hair over and dry the undersides of your strands. Then flip up and finish styling with a big, round brush.
  • Look for styling products that don’t list water as one of the first five ingredients to avoid having your straightened hair frizz up as soon as you leave the house. Adding moisture to your hair after straightening will make it curl.
  • If you straighten your curly hair, a silicone serum is the key to prolonging the straight look. Lightly apply a dime-size amount, focusing mostly on the ends (avoid roots which can cause hair to appear greasy), after you blow-dry and flat-iron hair straight.
  • Make sure you do not apply any simicone serums or other wnti-frizz serums to your before heat-styling or they can fuse to your hair and have a “shrink wrap” effect, removing all the moisture from your strands.
  • For the final step of your blow-dry, spray hair spray onto your brush, and run it through strands from roots to tips. This allows your hair to hold volume and shine without looking plastered.
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