Beauty Myths: Fact of Fiction?

Beauty has always been a subject of interest for women around the world. Every woman loves taking care of herself by following a routine or set of rules. As we all know, some of these rules can turn out to be real facts while others turn out to be just plain fiction. Finally, BestBeautyAdvice has decided to reveal the truth behind all of the top beauty myths out there. Read on to discover which myths are fact and which are fiction!

1. Shaving your hair makes your hair grow back thicker.                                                 Fiction. Your hair only looks thicker after shaving because when you shave the razor cuts the hair off only on the skins surface. When the hair grows back, the wide part of the strand grows out, appearing thicker than before.

2. Mayonnaise makes for a great hair conditioner.                                                                 Fact. Mayonnaise contains oil and eggs that are rich in fatty acids and protein that nourish hair.

3. Applying ice to skin makes pores smaller. Fiction. Pore size is genetic and has nothing to do with temperatures applied to skin.

4. Toothpaste can cure pimples.                                                                                                  Fact and Fiction. Toothpaste contains ingredients, such as menthol, that can dry out the skin, ultimately drying up and clearing up pimples. However, drying the skin can also cause irritation, so the benefits may be short lived.

5. Crossing legs causes varicose veins.                                                                                            Fiction. Varicose veins are not caused by crossing your legs. They are most commonly caused by heredity, age, and weight. However, there are studies that have shown that varicose veins can get worse from leg crossing.

6. Split ends can be repaired.                                                                                                              Fiction. Unfortunately, once split ends show up the only way to get rid of them is to get them cut off. Good hair products can definitely help make your split ends less noticeable but they will not actually repair them. Remember: split ends can not be repaired but they can be prevented with good hair care (to find tips on preventing split ends go to HAIR).

7. Tanning in the the sun clears up blemishes.                                                                                 Fiction. Tanning causes healthy skin cells to break down which causes your skin and pimples to temporarily dry out. After a few days your skin will begin to produce excess oils to aid the damaged skin cells and this can lead to even worse breakouts. Bottom line: the sun is never good for your skin (for more skin tips go to SKIN).

8. Sunscreen is not necessary on a cloudy day.                                                                                Fiction. The Sun’s UV Rays are just as strong on a cloudy day. Do not be fooled by a gloomy sky, UV Rays are capable of penetrating any cloud. You should wear sunscreen each and everyday no matter what.

9. Chocolate and greasy foods can cause acne.                                                                                  Fiction. No single food has been proven to cause breakouts. However, poor diets can lead to skin irritation – so try limiting bad foods as much as possible. Also, certain foods can effect each individual differently; if you notice a correlation between a type of food and your breakouts, try eliminating that food or notify a doctor for further evaluation.

10. Rinsing hair in cold water will make it shiny.                                                                    Fiction. There is no proof that cold water adds shine to your hair, so you can skip the cold rinse.

11. Putting Vaseline on your face nightly will prevent wrinkles.                                                    Fiction. Vaseline forces oils into the skin and prevents them from evaporating. Because wrinkle formation has nothing to do with the moisture of your skin,  Vaseline only makes wrinkles less apparent.

12. Wearing nail polish all the time will make your nails turn yellow.                                          Fact. Nails are very porous and absorb pigment in polishes. This pigment causes the nails to appear yellow. Apply a clear base coat before painting your nails to prevent this from happening.

13. If you wax your hair fewer hairs will grow back.                                                                        Fact. Wax rips the hair out at the follicle. Any repeated injury to the follicles over time (around 20 years) will damage them permanently preventing hair from growing back.

14. Rubbing your eyes causes wrinkles.                                                                                            Fiction. Simply rubbing your eyes will not cause wrinkles. However, repetitive tug of gravity and movement of facial muscles, as in smiling and frowning, can break down collagen in your skin and create wrinkles over time.

15. Applying Cocoa Butter or Olive Oil will remove stretch marks.                                              Fiction. Although Cocoa Butter and Olive Oil are great for moisture, stretch marks are formed below the top layer of skin where these products can not reach.

16. Rinsing hair with beer will make it thicker.                                                                                Fact. Rinsing your hair with beer has been proven to leave you with more voluminous strands.

17. Hair grows faster in the summer than in the winter.                                                                Fiction. There is no evidence that hair grows faster in the summer than it does in the winter. The only time period proven to increase hair growth is during pregnancy.

18. Cold Cucumbers will help de-puff your eyes.                                                                             Fact and Fiction. While Cucumbers can do the trick, so can anything else that is cold and can be easily applied to your eyes. It isn’t actually anything specific found in the Cucumber that reduces puffiness but it is actually the coldness that does the trick. The coldness restricts blood vessels which reduces swelling and puffiness.

19. 8 hours of sleep can help you lose weight.                                                                                 Fact. While 8 hours is preferable, anywhere from 6-8 hours of sleep is good. Lack of sleep can prevent bodies from burning as many calories as they should through out the day.

20. Creams and cosmetics are good to use until they run out.                                                  Fiction. Although we all want to get the best use out of all of our beauty products, most creams and cosmetic products do have an expiration date. Make sure you check the containers or original packaging for these dates. After the expiration dates pass, the ingredients found inside these products may no longer work and can even be harmful.

21. Your cell phone can make you break out.                                                                                    Fact. Cell phones are premiere breeding grounds for germs. The average cell phone can have more germs than doorknobs and even toilet seats. Make sure you take a clean cloth to your cell phone screen every so often to eliminate any breakout-causing germs.

22. Obsessive face washing can eliminate breakouts and acne.                                                     Fiction.  Over-washing your face will dry it out and remove natural oils, which will put your face into over-oil production mode. This excess oil will only block your pores more and add to your breakouts.

23. Teeth whiteners can damage tooth enamel.                                                                             Fact. The active ingredients found in teeth whiteners is very damaging to your enamel. If teeth whiteners are used improperly or too frequently they can result in permanent damage to your teeth.

24. Getting your hair trimmed more frequently will help it grow faster.                                   Fiction. Hair grows at its own pace (about half an inch per month) no matter how many times you get your hair trimmed or cut. Trimming your hair is great for removing dead ends so do not eliminate it all together. Instead, plan on getting your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks.

25. Your skin will age like your mothers.                                                                                          Fiction. Genetics determine your skin’s color, texture and pore size, but not aging. Instead, habits such as drinking, smoking, stress, and not using SPF, play a much bigger role in premature skin aging.

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